"born to swim"

The swimming school “Born to Swim” was first established 15 years ago by Shlomi Amon, BA. Amon, director of the company, has extensive experience in training swim teams, is a lecturer at the Wingate institute, and former national Israeli champion in 50m and 100m front crawl, and ranked number one in Israel for 50*4m relay racing in medley swimming.

Our school staff is compromised of some of the leading hydrotherapists and swim instructors in Jerusalem. Our highly qualified and experienced staff teach and interact at the highest levels   with children within the water itself.

Our swimming school provides a healthy framework which promotes a healthy lifestyle and love for sport. We gear our programs and lessons for all ages and types of people, including women in pregnancy, women after pregnancy, people with special needs, the elderly, and more. Additionally, our school helps those who are fearful of both the water and swimming itself.

It is possible to participate in either private lessons or small groups.

Swimming Registration

After first contacting our school, we will sort and check the level of the participant. On your first visit, you'll be able to see our beautiful facilities, including the pool all located within Hebrew University's campus. You will experience the professionally of our staff, and see them teach in person. After a successful trial lesson, (full lesson is 40 minutes) you will need to officially registor with us.

Swimming Classes- High quality swimming lessons are offered in small groups and in private lessons for all ages including young children and seniors. We offer a special track for adults, which includes improving your swimming styles and strokes.   Advanced techniques are taught through a combination of both video and underwater photography stills.

“Born to Swim” Swim Team- Led by the best swim coaches,our swim team will be trained for swim meets and competitions, swimming across the Kinneret, the Jerusalem marathon and different sport activities. The coaches themselves are past and present swim competitors and act as both mentors and teachers in order to advance the skills of each member. We place an emphasis on forming close social bonds in order to pay special attention to each swimmer's unique needs.

Hydrotherapy Care- We offer hydrotherapy care for all ages, in a treatment of 40 minutes within a 33m long pool. This session allows for a real and lasting rehabilitation for both adults and children.